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Social Experiment 2.0


Social Experiment 2.0

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I think one of the most adorable and endearing things that Dan and Phil do is when they are swimming and they come out from under water and instead of pushing their hair out of their faces, they adjust their fringe as if it were still dry. 

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"My father used to say, “Don’t raise your voice. Improve your argument." — Archbishop Desmond Tutu (via te-hya)

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cute girls in black flag merch make my knees weak 

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who needs a social life when you have followers who don’t talk to you and you run a blog no one cares about

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you know a weeb is a real fuckin weeb when you see them reblog a vague ass anime screencap without even any characters in it and tag it as the anime its from

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i dedicate this boner to u

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why is underwear so expensive like wtf its a sheet of fabric that covers ur dinky doo 

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…She always had been a curious girl. 

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I think I’m going to write a book called “‘Four Hours Is Definitely Enough Sleep’ And Other Lies I Tell Myself”

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